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 * Configurable compile-time parameters for scanlogd.


#include <time.h>
#include <syslog.h>

 * An unprivileged dummy user to run as. The user and its UID must not be
 * used for any other purpose (that is, don't use "nobody" here). You can
 * #undef this to let scanlogd run as root, but I recommend against doing
 * so.
#define SCANLOGD_USER               "scanlogd"

 * An empty directory to chroot to. The directory and its parent directories
 * must not be writable by anyone but root.
#define SCANLOGD_CHROOT             "/var/empty"

 * Device to monitor, if you're using libnids or libpcap directly. #undef
 * this either if you're using the raw socket interface on Linux instead,
 * or if you'd like to let libpcap autodetect this for you.
 * Recent versions of libpcap support magic device name "any" and recent
 * libnids supports magic device name "all".

 * Whether we want scanlogd to set the device into promiscuous mode, for
 * use with libpcap.
#define SCANLOGD_PROMISC            0

 * The libpcap filter expression to use when scanlogd is built with libnids
 * or direct libpcap support.  The intent is to reduce CPU load by hopefully
 * filtering out most of the uninteresting packets at the kernel level if
 * supported by libpcap on a given platform.
      "tcp and " \
      "((tcp[13] != 0x10 and tcp[13] != 0x18) or ip[6:2] & 0x3fff != 0)"

 * High port numbers have a lower weight to reduce the frequency of false
 * positives, such as from passive mode FTP transfers.
#define PORT_WEIGHT_PRIV            3
#define PORT_WEIGHT_HIGH            1

 * Port scan detection thresholds: at least COUNT ports need to be scanned
 * from the same source, with no longer than DELAY ticks between ports.
#define SCAN_MIN_COUNT              7
#define SCAN_DELAY_THRESHOLD        (CLK_TCK * 3)

 * Log flood detection thresholds: temporarily stop logging if more than
 * COUNT port scans are detected with no longer than DELAY between them.
#define LOG_COUNT_THRESHOLD         5
#define LOG_DELAY_THRESHOLD         (CLK_TCK * 20)

 * Log line length limit, such as to fit into one SMS message. #undef this
 * for no limit.
#define LOG_MAX_LENGTH              (160 - 40)

 * You might want to adjust these for using your tiny append-only log file.
#define SYSLOG_IDENT                "scanlogd"
#define SYSLOG_FACILITY             LOG_DAEMON
#define SYSLOG_LEVEL                LOG_ALERT

 * Keep track of up to LIST_SIZE source addresses, using a hash table of
 * HASH_SIZE entries for faster lookups, but limiting hash collisions to
 * HASH_MAX source addresses per the same hash value.
#define LIST_SIZE             0x100
#define HASH_LOG              9
#define HASH_SIZE             (1 << HASH_LOG)
#define HASH_MAX              0x10


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